Creative & Experienced Leadership

Brent Gummow can get your projects from start to finish. 

Creative solutions for your project needs


For 20 years Brent Gummow has been helping small business owners, artists, musicians, and non-profits find success with their web, interactive, video, exhibits, training, and live-event projects. Brent has worked for customers in freelance situations, agency settings, educational markets, and in the DIY website-building industry. 


A strong communicator with a gift for bridging the gap between the technical and the creative, Brent can comfortably discover project needs with clients, discuss requirements with developers, or mentor and lead a diverse team.


User stories, stakeholders, & smooth communications


A degree in video and audio production bolsters Brent's passion for all things web and interactive. His experience has mostly moved him to the project lead level and away from the creative seat, but he still has the ability to fill in at nearly any step of the product lifecycle to help meet deadlines and overcome hurdles. 


The Multi-talento (official title in his current position) can help with:


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Adobe CS •

Graphic design for screen and print •

Writing blog posts, documentation, and marketing •

Testing, training, and generating personas •

Public speaking, webinars, and screencasting •

Video/audio production and editing •